We turn
every vision
into reality.

HOLLANDandYOUNG prides itself on creating bespoke events that are unique and unforgettable by closely monitoring the latest trends in the design, technology, food and entertainment industries. Our goal is to provide each client with a personalized experience that exceeds their expectations.


HOLLANDandYOUNG is a boutique style, full service event company, whose talented team has more than 20 years of accomplishments in the event industry. By accessing our extensive network of innovative suppliers, we are able to maintain a high level of savoir-faire.

Peter Young | Rasti Zirin | Fabienne Saner

Geneva office
14, rue Marignac
CH-1206 Geneva
P +41 79 417 63 41

Zurich office
Reinhardstrasse 19
CH-8008 Zurich
P +41 79 287 42 06

Davos office
Promenade 69
CH-7270 Davos
P +41 79 287 42 06


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